Why and How of Online Gambling

All of us could have similar strong feelings. Except that most of us likely won’t have the calm head and body to stop ourselves from betting away our hard-earned cash. That’s why taking care of our body and mind is of crucial importance.

There are a few simple ways in which you can begin to control yourself online.

Online Gambling

  • Firstly, you could set up a credit card at your computer. Don’t gamble on funds that you haven’t transferred to your card just yet. You need to start betting with that card for at least a few months before you withdraw any funds.
  • If you gamble online and have a habit of doing so, please log off from the site. Sit onto your couch or floor for a while and take a deep breath, or whatever it is you can do to calm yourself. Go to the corner store and buy a coffee or have something to eat. Take off your shoes & socks and get into the comfort of your home. Make sure you smoke, though if you don’t want to be seen walking whilst smoking, leave your cigarettes or other smoking products by your computer.

Be sure to bring a bag of chips with you too, you’ll want to be able to grab them and head off anywhere with in seconds.

My chips are by my computer, on my desktop.

Online Gambling

  1. I log on and there they are, the same exact ones I wore last night when I won £200 at the tables. There is no need to click every time you want to see them, which makes me faster in betting and makes me less nervous.
  2. I smoke only once a day, often on the stoop outside the flat I rent a room in for a few days every summer. I smoke too much and it makes me nervous. I tried turning down the smoke, but I can’t take it out. I think I have mild type arthritis in my hands so I tolerate the arthritis pain much better without having to sharpen myices. I rub the coins together until they turn a shade of red and suddenly I have a rush of 150 bucks and I lose.
  3. I experience this almost every day. It’s not called gambling for nothing. When you play slots there are even less interruptions and you can easily lose a lot of money in a short amount of time. Go online and place your bets and triple it and you’ll see how easy it is to lose your money before you’ve even hit the jackpot.

Another problem is a computer. Oh you can still use your computer to browse the internet, but you really have to shove it down every time you want to see what you’ve got and it needs to be at least several feet away so that you can see what’s coming up. You can’t really concentrate much when a monitor is above or below you and the old pointing device is only good for frowning at your Rubik’s cube.

I suggest you stop daydreaming of winning big at the roulette wheel and start concentrating on a few real life situations to improve the quality of your life.